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today, i got up at two twenty and had my grandmother to her doctor's appointment at two forty-five. i took her to the bank. i trained her dog to go into its crate. i went grocery shopping and added a mango to the cart, just for me. i designed a brochure for work and i did my taxes.

my plan for the day was to get up at four, drink some coffee, read the rest of lolita, have some lasagne, and go back to bed.

tomorrow i work both jobs - cafe until three, at the office until five, and then back to the cafe to close because although my boss is generally great, he doesn't always schedule things so well. there's a dj at the coffeeshop tomorrow night, and i plan to stay up way too late and maybe i can transplant today's plan to saturday, with the addition of a trip to the good old days for probably a minor jewelry splurge and some calamari. i miss calamari.

i've been feeling frenetic and thirsty all day today, and hopefully some sleep will prepare me for the weekend. my sleep cycle is pretty screwy right now - i've been alternating in-bed-at-ten-and-up-at-eight with stay-up-until-dawn-and-sleep-until-three, and my body doesn't quite know what to make of it, except to be a little tired all the time. when i went to the doctor last week, she asked me if i had a problem with fatigue. "no," i told her, "i have a problem with not sleeping enough." but between the cafe and the coffeeshop, i get pretty much all the free coffee i want, so i survive.