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50,000 words in thirty days. i thought about it last year, but this year i'm all signed up and everything. it'll be blogged (of course); i'll put the link up just as soon as i start writing. as for now, i am desperately in need of a plot. any suggestions will be met with extreme gratitute, with the possibility of chocolate if the suggestion is any good. ...please?

in other news, the rain is raining again, and i'm supposed to be going to tuscon with my natural history class for a three-day camping trip on thursday. they say snow should get down to 7000 feet tonight, and that's well within where we're planning to camp. so that should be fun. i also don't know what i'm going to be for halloween, and my refrigerator can't seem to keep a constant temperature. (note: frozen cabbage, carrots, and soymilk are none of them yummy). my parents visited last weekend, which was very nice. i'm happy.