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A friend today asked me where my interest in science came from - a question perhaps spurred by the fact that I made snide bat-ecology comments during this movie, or that I was whispering Latin binomials under my breath today during this one. After a moment of thought, I found my sentences all starting the same: my dad gave me a microscope to play with, my dad liked to help me look at things, my dad always took my questions seriously. Eventually, of course, I had to include other people - my mother, most notably, and also two fantastic high school science teachers, and a few pretty specatcular professors as well - as well as the world at large. But in many ways it was my dad who gave me the initial impetus, the idea that why is always a question worth asking. And here I am, a month and change away from graduating, and even if I don't end up in research or grad school, I've irrevocably got a scientist's brain.

Happy birthday, Daddy! Thanks!

Someone at work today told me that i have the mind of a scientist. It was an interesting comment - i don't think of myself as interested in science - but i suppose i go about most things (even communication) in a very specific, scientific way.

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