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I'm not usually a jewelry kind of girl, and definitely not a gold-and-flashy kind of girl. But I will make exceptions.

We're engaged.

Whoa. Congratulations!

Fantastic news! Félicitations! (and the ring looks really pretty too!)

wow congrats kat!!!! story please !! :)

I am always deeply moved by the poetry that comes from the heart of your relationship with him, and I am delighted now to learn of your engagement to be married. Holy matrimony, the union of two who transcend the illusion of separation and taste the meaning (and truth) of being one. May you be blessed with much light in the journey you share; may all your struggles lead to a joyful end. Congratulations.

(Oh, and what a uniquely beautiful ring to honor your union!)

!Felicidades! And I agree, I hope there'll be a story forthcoming.

Congratulations, Kat. Wishing you a lifetime of love.

(Also wishing for a story.)

Wow, congratulations Kat & Jeremy.

The ring is lovely.

Thanks, all!

Best wishes for always.

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