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J has requested a few clarifications to the story.

He would like it made known that while I may have asked him to buy me a drink, he was the one who seduced me with talk of acorn mush and plant geekery, and he was the one who offered to walk me home. I was the one who invited him up, though. Otherwise, he claims he would've just gone home and that would've been that.

Not that he knew where he was at that point, mind you.

And not that I was about to let him get away.

Do acorns pop like chestnuts if you toast them?

I'm intrigued.

(Oh...I'm now in culinary school.)


Dunno. He hadn't toasted them, to my knowledge. As I remember, he leached them in several changes of water then boiled them into mash.

They might, though.

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