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the thrumming is back,
the hummingbird trapped
in the cage of my ribbones,
sipping the honey of my veins.

it says: love.

it beats its wings inside me.

my family is scattered as pollen,
and i red-eyed, sniffling,
blown about by the wind.
best friends all out of reach.

a hummingbird not bound
by a poor girl's body
can fly across the Gulf of Mexico,
flaps its wings in figure-eights,
flashes in the sun.

this one hovers. this one hums,
sips honey, traces infinity
across my chest cavity with each wingbeat.
keeps beating,
across the bright and barren reaches
- i have not seen my family in six months,
and will not for months to come -
keeps beating.

it says: love.

Oh, Kat. That's so lovely.

so huge is the love that wraps around you...even from a distance, covering the soft, vulnerable places, protecting them...holding them safe...your family holds you close in their hearts...our hearts...beating as one...always connected...loving you...whispering away your tears...hear us, feel us

Thanks, Dale.

And thanks, Momma.

i'm never out of reach, hon.

sometimes we have to stretch our arms really really far, but STILL.never out of reach, 'ey.

xx nika

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