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oh god, oh god. leaving soon soon soon.

to do today:

cancel my drexel bank account.

put all that money in my monterey account.

make copies of my passport, birth certificate, prescriptions, insurance details, medical history, and emergency contact information.

call maysie's farm and find out if they'll pay me to work there.

call jason and make sure he's shipped me my camera.

clean up my goddamn room so i'll have space to pack.

things to buy today:

bug repellent.


a spanish-english dictionary.

an international calling card.

some sort of kistchy present for my host family.

a lightweight robe and sandals for walking around the house.

tea-tree oil to put on bugbites after i scratch them and they get infected.

super-duper strength sunscreen so i don't get skin cancer.

not to mention the three-hundred other things i'm forgetting but which i'm sure will be Really Really Important to bring.