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several days of be.au.ti.ful sunshine and a whole lot of work has kept me up and out and busy. i think there's a storm rising today, which is alright as long as i can get to san jose before it hits. i'm looking forward to the con more than i can even begin to articulate; a good dose of hippiepaganmagiclove is just what i'm needing. i've got all my flowy skirts and velvet shirts and jangly jewelry out, and my birks and my uggs and my big bangle bracelets. i'm bringing both drums and my belly dancing clothes and i'm gonna get hennaed and buy a new mug and relearn how to make chainmail. we're staying with andy who i haven't seen in ages and ages, and he promises me tequila and hugs when we get there. however: mapquest insists we go over 17, so that storm had better hold off until we're out of the hills.