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so then.

at prescott i can have my own apartment, can drive home but can get everywhere else on bike, can leave and go to other campuses (namely, these two) for up to two nonconsecutive semesters if i hate it (or even if i don't) and will probably go here as well for at least four weeks. they are affiliated with two organic farms and have a robust csa and a farmer's market. the weather is relatively mild all year and there is hiking about two miles off. the grand canyon is a weekend trip and a one-way ticket home is less than a hundred dollars.

at warren wilson, i can live in the middle of some damned gorgeous mountains, a twenty-minute bus ride from asheville which has more awesome veggie restaurants than i quite know what to do with. hiking and farming are both available on-campus. there is an amazing international program which i may or may not be eligible for. there is spring and snow.

both programs are really fantastic. both places really appeal to me. i need to decide pretty much yesterday. help!