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it is a day for fires and blankets and curling with books. proper monterey summer has descended; weather.com tells me it's our classic 55 outside, but the fog and the wind make it feel colder. the sky has gone flat grey and i'm glad i woke early enough to have time for tea and lazing about before work.

yesterday was one of those days that just feels good for no particular reason. i woke early, stretched, cleaned up my room, had breakfast for the first time in months. work was busy and i love work when it's busy. i closed by myself, rocking out to some cd i didn't know, and then matt and i sat in the grass in the sun for a while before he went to work. i called adam and we went to point lobos for a hike and picnic dinner and snuck around for an hour after the park closed before a ranger caught us on our way out. i came home and worked on a book i've been making, talked to silke for a bit, and eventually slept like a rock. i think the fog makes everything a little bit more okay.

the end of things is coming; my already-scarce entries will become more so as july and august slip past - i'm going to be doing a lot of slamming, a lot of traveling, and hopefully spending time with the people and places i love here before i go for good. or at least, for this time. we'll see what happens once i'm settled in september.