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it snowed today!!

we noticed in during a break in class, and everyone crowded to the window. it had been raining all day, all last night and all yesterday, which somehow made the snow even more exciting. the creek by the school, which was all but dry when i arrived here, was gushing a scant foot beneath the bridge and flooding over a road nearby.

because we're brilliant, my friend travis and i decided to hike thumb butte, which usually doesn't take much effort because there's a lovely paved trail and you don't attempt the actual summit. in fact, this guide specifies that it's "best left to rock climbers." well, rock climbers we were not, but rock scramblers we certainly were, around the pricklypear and over the snow, up to the top where we shivered and surveyed the view. the view was amazing. prescott national forest stretched out in front of us, mist-shrouded and snow-speckled, pines and juniper doing their evergreen thing and the gambol oaks and cottonwoods making patches of bright color. the sky loomed, the clouds rushed past, and we nestled ourselves in some rocks and stayed up there until we couldn't feel our fingers.

tomorrow we're out to the catalinas, where they're predicting a low of only 49 tonight. here, we're supposed to get below freezing (which is, i should mention, colder than it is in philly right now).

i had some awful dreams last night; i hope i sleep better tonight. it's going to be a cold and early morning.