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Hey folks! If you're here from Creek Running North, welcome!

And if you're one of my eight-to-twelve regular readers here, you should head over to CRN - I'll be doing some guestbloggy (excuse me, co-bloggy) things over there, with a nice lady named Stephanie. And this guy Chris. He writes pretty good too.*

I'm going to Colorado for a few days, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to write from there (I'm staying at somebody's grandma's house, and while I know some grandmas are into this whole interweb thingy, I'm not prepared to bet on it). So! Enjoy Chris' site in the meantime, and also check out some of the new people on my sidebar if you don't already know them.

And give me a rain dance or two if you've got the time; we sure could use it.

[*edit, 3/26, for clarity: Chris writes the way I'd someday love to; Chris writes the way I would walk if I had wings.]

My ears are burning.

I'm enjoying your romantic writing. Count me as your thirteenth regular reader.

Have a good time in Colorado.

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