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Yesterday we packed and packed and then had some wonderful people over to help us shove everything in a 14-foot U-Haul. Today we packed and packed, then I tried to get my shift tomorrow covered so I wouldn't have to drive two hours each way in a nor'easter, and then nobody would cover my shift, and then my boss bitched me out for trying, and then we had to unpack everything and take it down (or up, depending) a flight of stairs, in the snow, and I hurt my back and the stone fell out of my engagement ring. And I still have to go to work tomorrow and then clean.

But I'll have Gilly to help me.

And then it'll be over.

And then I'll have time to write something for real. It's been far too long and I'm getting cranky. Can you tell?

Oh, poop. Double poop.

Well, I'm bringing my also-lame back and a mop - it will be over soon!

Hope Gilly's thorough chewing of your whole head helped. : ) He adores you so, it's awesome. Insta-pack-member.

Congratulations on getting through the worst of it, and hoping the trains are on schedule for the trip west -

Grin. Gilly helped a lot. Thanks so much.

I'm less worried about the trains being on time than our ability to get to them. I think it'll work out, though.

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