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take highway 17. remove the guardrails and the median. it's four lanes like usual, but decrease the width of each lane by a foot or so. make it a little twistier, make it rush hour, and make most of the traffic buses and semis. remove smog checks. add pedestrians, either walking alongside the road, trying to cross it, or both. make it raining, and give a few of the other drivers something to drink. in fact, let them drink it while they drive. you've got the interamericano norte, part of the highway that runs from mexico to brazil. the road from san jose most of the way to monteverde.

now make it nighttime, still raining, and remove the paving on the road. that's the rest of the way.

of course, you're also adding incredible vistas, huge green mountains, monkeys, toucans, tangled vines, and guanabana soda. and once you get there, you've got a private hot shower included in your $5 a night hostel, you've got dinner for $3 and a kickass canopy tour. so as long as you survive the trip, it's worth it.