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ayer, when i said it was raining, i was kidding. i meant "sprinkling" or "drizzling" or "a light mist." despite the fact that two hundred houses were flooded yesterday, in san pedro, it drizzled. today, it rains. rains hard enough that i can't hear my own typing, that i can't see more than a few blocks. and me without my paraguas. i'm sitting here even though the day is officially over, hoping that it'll let up a bit so that i can scurry my way home. my house is probably 300 meters from the school, but the road doesn't go that way, so i walk for twenty minutes in a big rectangle and get soaked. like i'm about to do right now.

we have a computer lab where the internet is free; however, there are rather a lot of us here, so i'll be able to get online almost every day but not necessarily. write me if you want - it's a treat to read anything in english.